that connects

Everything you need to reach your potential is right here.


And congratulations. You just stumbled on a talent group of people who will change your business. And your life.

WE help change makers, disruptors and innovators who make the world a better place.

Future-proof your business'

Over 190 staff humbly set the standard in workforce mobility, delivering certainty at every stage, for everyone.

Discover & Strategy

Let's unlock your strategy by getting clear on who we want to work with, your competitors, your products and importantly, you 'why'.

Design & Development

Let's build you a brand, website and everything you will need to 'win'.

Launch & Grow

With the right platform in place, let's launch an and support you for exceptional results, fast.

Make Certain

For the same reasons you choose a leading brand vehicle, choose a Hidrive service body.

Built different to be light & strong

Our aluminium service bodies are engineered in the same way aircraft bond aluminium panels to the aluminium fuselage with PU structural adhesive in an oven. This helps handle years of vibrations on our unforgiving roads.

Durability & Value

Forget about cracking, rust, dust and leaks. Think better value and avoid complaints from your team.

We design, make & install it

Hidrive is a one-stop-shop, vertically integrated manufacturer of shelves, benches, drawers, towbars and your choice from over 120 accessories. We often act as the central coordination point for you and your dealer, FMO and everyone involved. We can also handle your compliant GVM upgrade, bullbar, towbar and almost anything else, even your fleet branding.

delivered on-time,
with certainty.

Industry-leading turn-around time, installed at our company-owned locations in Sydney, Goulburn, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth


Hidrive is 100% Australian-owned.

Our service bodies, components and other products are made right here in Australia. Hidrive is vertically integrated, manufacturing shelves, benches, drawers, towbars and many other accessories.

Trailer Service Bodies

Did you know that we provide complete trailer solutions?

Registered & delivered anywhere in Australia.

Full Canopy, Part Canopy, Tool Module or U Module options, fitted with your choice of 100+ accessories.

Case Studies

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