Vowel Code®

Do you have the right mindset?

The Vowel Code is my personal leadership framework that I use for myself, and to lead Special Ops teams, for over 20 years.
- Shane 'Irvo' Irving

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For all the money spent on leadership development, most training fails to create the right mindset.

How do we shift our mindset?

Vowel Code®

Whether you’re the leader of a Fortune 500 organization or a small team, I believe  everyone needs their own code.

Developed from 23 years in military and law enforcement special operations have provided me the opportunity to communicate, motivate, engage and inspire; all vital to mission success and all based on The Vowel Code®.

It was as Officer-in-Charge of a counter-terrorism response unit comprised of special forces and agencies, I found myself asking the same question; ‘How do I lead this team?’.

The newly formed team – over 100 highly trained operators – was deeply divided into two factions and each morning at 7am as I arrived in the car park, I took a deep breath and ‘put my mouth guard in’ to face the daily conflict. You see, these blokes wanted to kill each other (and they were well qualified!). Productivity was poor, to say the least. And having to be the ‘the biggest bear in the room, in a room full of bears’ was wearing me down. I needed a something to manage the conflict and establish a cohesive team.

Enter the Vowel Code®.

It's a way of thinking, a way of living that creates the right culture.

What do I get?

the mindset of A Special OpS LEADER

The Vowel Code® is now offered as an online training course for the firs time ever.

I personally guarantee it will deliver the individual discipline for personal – and in turn – team success. I will guide each step of the way across:

A - Attitude

E - Ego

I - Integrity

O - Opportunity

U - Understanding

Gain insight into how the elite:

Each module usually takes 5 minutes or less. Activities are optional.

At the end of the day your attitude, your integrity, your mindset is the foundation to being the best version of yourself - only then can anyone aspire to be a GREAT leader.

Be your best self, right now.

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When you turn up every day for a purpose greater than yourself, to achieve the team mission for the men and women around you - and you put yourself last - that’s when you have real purpose and a high performance team culture.

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