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Shane Irving

My name is Shane Irving, my background is 23 years in military and law enforcement Special Operations. I am founder and owner of OPS, a specialist training organisation which is a nexus between subject matter experts, academia and front-line responders. We also test and train special forces in weapons handling and provide targeted elite strength & conditioning solutions for people in front-line service roles, like our police force.

In recent years as I came to the end of my Law Enforcement career I became very circumspect and reflective on all the training I had been exposed to over the years. I asked myself if I had done it right, if the agencies I was engaged with had done it right, were we adequately prepared for the operations that were asked of us. I set out on a quest to find better ways for our Special Operations community to train and perform. I explored and started following all sorts of high performers in all sorts of different fields, became very interested in cognitive performance, technology, eastern philosophies, and became exposed to new and ground breaking research

I humbly commenced my own PhD research with Bond University Tactical Research Unit in Australia and realised very quickly how limited my knowledge was and how much there was to explore.

I practice gratitude daily for my lived experiences, lessons learnt and hungry for more as the world evolves rapidly. Through our companies we believe in giving back all our teachings to our protector community and new communities as we expand into industry, corporate and academia. Join us on this journey of discovery and lets all push our boundaries and ‘Live Limitless’.


Specialist training & education

A simple blueprint you can follow to lead your best life and be the best version of yourself possible.

A community to connect, empower, educate & support first reponders, law enforcement and servicemen & women.

my Rituals

myRituals inspires men and woman to embrace a ritual life. We aim to change and enhance peoples lives, giving them the positive tools to support optimal health and well-being, creating space for love, connection, creativity and health to flourish. myRituals is living a life by design, not default.

An Australian-based innovator that researches, designs, develops and delivers bespoke, evidence based, performance enhancement solutions for tactical operations specialists, the first responder community & government agencies.

Vowel Code

A Life Template

A simple acronym developed into a framework, a checklist I adopted in every decision, every interaction. Over time, and I am taking months and years, it became my team’s operating guide. And since then, it has progressed into not only a leadership and communication tool with proven outcomes, the Vowel Code has become a life template, a way of thinking, communicating and living.

The Vowel Code: A, E, I, O, U

A - Attitude

E - Ego

I - Integrity

O - Ownership

U - Understanding

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Officer Strong

Stronger Together

Officer Strong is a community bigger and stronger than any other. We help first responders, servicemen & women and those who want to serve to thrive in the most challenging careers on the planet.

Every 54 hours a servicing law enforcement officer loses their life in the line of duty. Here at Officer Strong, we are committed to giving every tool we have to our community in the hope that even 1% may make the difference in saving a life, getting home to their family and lengthening their career in service.

We have gathered the leading researchers, coaches, and trainers worldwide, all full-time specialists working with first responding and protector agencies to help connect, empower, educate and provide the support needed to enhance operational effectiveness, health, and wellbeing.

To me there is no greater mission in my life to do all we can to be the protector of our protectors

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