Bonus: Load & Unload

In law enforcement, when we actually finish a day we unload our weapons. We need to be able to unload ourselves. Law enforcement and any front-line responder, can experience more ‘extremes’ in a day than most might in a lifetime.

But we need to have the ability to unload our pent-up emotions, unload the day, put it where we need to be so the people that we love the most and are excited for them to come home, actually get ‘them’ home.

It may be a tired version, it may be a worn out version, but they get a version that is the best version, despite those experiences they’ve had through the day.

In life, we need to be the same. We need to be able to unload ourselves and have the ability to be able to unload, exactly like you do the gun. You have got to actually unload the magazine, you know, get rid of the spent rounds, clear it, clear it out, clear your mind, you know, clear your mind, check it. Okay, it’s clear. I can re holster, I can leave it where it needs to be and I can get home to my family.

I think in life, we need to be able to do this so we can actually give the attitude to people around us and they’ll reciprocate us with love and support and we’ll be a happy family unit and happy community.

Key Takeout

> Unload our pent up emotions - unload the day - so the people that we are the best version of ourselves for the ones we love the most and are excited for when we come home.

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