Brand Copy Workbook

Everything we need to create your Brand Copy Arsenal – a copywriting playbook that includes polished, finalised, customer-facing copy that you can plug into any marketing asset at any time.

Strategy forms - 05 Brand Copy Workbook

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Unique Value Proposition Worksheet

Your customers need a reason to choose you over your competitors and the alternatives to your service or products. They even need a reason to choose you over the “do nothing” option. Your UVP helps convey why they should choose you.
Write down your most simple title:
The problem your business solves or the main benefit you deliver is:
Explain who you’re for:
​​Write your differentiator here:
List your points of evidence in Next Soical Proof Worksheet Section
Give us your Elevator Pitch - a short, persuasive speech that describes your business in a nutshell.
Seal the deal with a memorable tagline.

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