How to Set Up an Office Studio, without Breaking the Bank!

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Need A Studio for Podcasting, Webinars or Filming Content?

And… don’t want to spend a fortune?

Firstly, please understand that I am not tech-head, AV guy or expert in any of this!

I had a crack at setting-up studio to broadcast globally from the home office, starting with a basic set-up, and then iterated. Here is exactly what I bought and where I got it, with a couple of exceptions. For example, grab the Panasonic Lumix SLR Camera from Amazon, rather than the dodgy grey importer, who I would learn, got it from Hong Kong which took several weeks!

Ok, think… Quality Audio, Camera, Lighting.

Little things are the difference between looking/sounding professional/credible verses ‘backyard’. For example, check the first 5 seconds of this lighting video which talks about 3-point lighting.


I suggest shopping this stuff at JB HiFi if you need to go in person, or if you can wait a few days Amazon Prime rocks. You might also check eBay to compare prices. And a couple of little parts might require specialist stores, also online.


Consider spending few a grand in gear to get the level of professional ‘finish’ that I feel comfortable with. That might sound like a lot, but compared to colleagues who have spent $150k+, it’s not so bad?

I seem to be doing video conference calls ALL day these days. So, do you think it’s worth getting the set-up right? Here’s what I am using:

Clent Jewell

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